Sharia vs.

Muslim Women

Political Islam

Stealth Jihad


Andrew Bostom

Ida Lichter

M. Muthuswamy

Robert Spencer


They Must Be Stopped

Cruel and Usual Punishment

Jihad and Jew-Hatred

Standing Alone in Mecca

Brigitte Gabriel

Nonie Darwish

Matthias Küntzel

Asra Q. Nomani

The Trouble With Islam

Because They Hate

Now They Call Me Infidel


Irshad Manji

French version: Musulmane mais libre  German version: Der Aufbruch  Spanish version: Mis Dilemas con el Islam

Brigitte Gabriel

Nonie Darwish

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

French version: Ma vie rebelle

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

An Illusion of Harmony

Religion of Peace?

The Truth about Muhammad

Robert Spencer

Taner Edis

Gregory Davis

Robert Spencer

Islamic Imperialism

The Caged Virgin

The Just War & Jihad

The Legacy of Jihad

Efraim Karsh

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

R.J. Hoffmann

A. Bostom (Ed.)

Why I Am Not a Muslim

Jihad in the West

Islam Unveiled

Leaving Islam

Ibn Warraq

French version: Pourquoi je ne suis pas musulman  German version: Warum ich kein Muslim bin

Paul Fregosi

Robert Spencer

Ibn Warraq

The Arab Mind

The Myth of Islamic Tolerance

The Sword of the Prophet

Militant Islam Reaches America

Raphael Patai

R. Spencer, Ed.

Serge Trifkovic

Daniel Pipes

The Barbary Wars

Onward Muslim Soldiers

Unholy Alliance

What Went Wrong

Frank Lambert

Robert Spencer

David Horowitz

Bernard Lewis

French version: Que s'est-il passé?

Islam and Dhimmitude

The Crisis
of Islam

Dream Palace of the Arabs

White Gold

Bat Ye'or

French version: Face au danger intégriste: Juifs et Chrétiens sous l'Islam

Bernard Lewis

French version: L'Islam en crise

Fouad Ajami

Giles Milton

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